What is the Punishment for Minor in Possession?

What is the Punishment for Minor in Possession?

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What is Punishment for Minor in Possession? Attorney Grand Rapids, MIWe all hope that our children make good choices. Unfortunately, the high school and college years are filled with opportunities to get in trouble. If your child has a minor in possession (MIP) charge, your first step should be to call our criminal defense attorney. Our minor in possession attorney can help secure the best legal outcome for your child so one mistake doesn’t rule the rest of their life.

Continue reading to learn more about your teen’s MIP charge and how our defense lawyer can help. For more information, set up a consultation with our minor in possession attorney.

Minor in Possession

The legal drinking age in Michigan is 21. A minor in possession (MIP) means that your child had alcohol in their possession, attempted to buy alcohol, or drank alcohol while under the legal drinking age. If your child is facing charges for underage drinking, call our minor in possession attorney as soon as possible.

First Time Offenders

If your child is a first-time offender, they may be eligible for a MIP diversion program. This means that the judge would choose not to enter a conviction provided that your child successfully completes a probationary period. During this period, your child would have to attend counseling, go to AA meetings, and avoid further legal trouble. (Program requirements vary by district court.)

MIP Consequences

Teenagers tend to live in the moment, making it hard for them to understand how an MIPconviction will affect them in the future when they want to apply for colleges, jobs, and apartments. Our minor in possession attorney can help your teen understand the consequences of their actions and what they’ll need to do moving forward.

MIP consequences include:

  • Losing eligibility for federal student aid
  • Being rejected by colleges
  • Having fewer choices for college majors and careers
  • Having difficulty finding or keeping a job
  • Having difficulty getting housing
  • Spending time behind bars
  • Having driver’s license sanctions

Don’t underestimate the consequences of a MIP conviction. Call our minor in possession attorney today to learn how your child can move forward after being charged with underage drinking. For example, our defense lawyer may be able to argue that there was no alcohol in the open container found in your child’s possession. The criminal defense we use depends on the circumstances surrounding your child’s case.

Campus Crime

Your college student could be especially vulnerable to a MIP charge if they’re living away from home for the first time. Since college students are away from their support systems, they need a minor in possession attorney as soon as possible.

If your college student is also charged with driving under the influence, you’ll want to hire an attorney as soon as possible to prevent them from losing their driver’s license. Many college students depend on their driver’s license to drive to school, internships, and jobs. Other DUI consequences could include losing scholarship funding or even being expelled from their dream college.

If your child has been charged with underage drinking, call or text Attorney Jerry Lykins as soon as possible. Jerry Lykins is available 24/7 for fast legal help. To request a consultation with our minor in possession attorney in Grand Rapids MI, call or text Lykins Law at (616) 540-0443.