Driver’s License Restoration

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Driver's License Restoration Attorney Grand Rapids, MIAmericans depend on cars to drive to work, run errands, and pick up kids from school.

If your driver’s license was suspended or revoked because of drunk driving, call our criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Our drunk driving attorney can help you get started on the right path to restore your driver’s license after DUI charges.

How to Restore Your Driver’s License

For two DUI’s in a 7-year period, you must prove that you haven’t touched alcohol for a year. If you have three or more DUI’s in your lifetime, you’ll need to prove that you’ve been sober for 5 years AND provide evidence that you won’t relapse into alcoholism.

How a DUI Lawyer Helps

Our DUI lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need to prove to the courts that you’ve recovered from alcoholism and won’t relapse. This evidence could include proof that you’ve had counseling or attended AA meetings. Our drunk driving attorney can also use testimonials from friends and family to prove your case for license reinstatement.

We understand that having a suspended or revoked license makes life difficult. If you’re ready to move on with your life after DUI charges, call our law firm today. We can help you get started with driver’s license reinstatement.

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