Traffic Violations

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Traffic Violations Attorney Grand Rapids, MIWhile a traffic violation isn’t criminal, that doesn’t mean it can’t be serious.

We understand that you depend on your car to drive to work, run errands, and pick up the kids from school.

Most families can’t afford to be without a vehicle, which is why it’s important to call our traffic ticket attorney.


Traffic Violations Attorney

Driver’s License Points after Violations

As more points accumulate on your driver’s license, the more likely you could face months or even years with a restricted, suspended, or revoked license. Having a lot of points on your license can also increase how much you pay for auto insurance. Fortunately, our traffic ticket lawyer will be able to represent you during a formal hearing and can cross examine the officer who wrote the citation.

Burden of Proof

Traffic court decides cases based on a “preponderance of the evidence.” This means that the prosecution doesn’t have to convince anyone beyond a shadow of a doubt that you deserved the traffic ticket. In other words, the prosecution’s burden of proof is lower because they only have to prove a high probability that you committed a traffic violation.

Formal or Informal Hearing

If you choose to fight a traffic ticket, you’ll have the choice of a formal or informal hearing. We highly recommend choosing a formal hearing so our traffic court lawyer can represent your best interests and fight an unfair traffic ticket.

During the hearing, you’ll see the officer who wrote the citation. Your traffic lawyer will be able to cross examine the officer, as well as ask questions of other eyewitnesses.

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