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Section 7411 Attorney Grand Rapids, MIIf you’ve been charged for the first time with the use or possession of controlled substances, call our drug defense attorney as soon as possible.

As long as you don’t have prior arrests or convictions on your record, you may be eligible for sentence deferment through Section 7411.

This means you can avoid having the drug conviction show up on your criminal record in exchange for successfully completing a probationary period.

Defense attorney Jerry Lykins can help you keep your criminal record clean so one mistake doesn’t determine the rest of your life. You can only use Section 7411 once.

You may qualify for a deferred sentence under Section 7411 if:

  • This is the first time you’ve been convicted of the use or possession of a controlled substance
  • This is the second time you’ve been convicted of possession or use of an imitation controlled substance
  • Crime doesn’t consist of drug delivery, possession with intent to deliver, or manufacturing

Section 7411 Attorney

Even if you qualify for a deferred sentence, this doesn’t mean you should relax. While the prosecuting attorney can consent or object, it’s ultimately up to the judge whether to grant a deferred sentence under Section 7411. Only a drug defense lawyer like Jerry Lykins will be able to fight aggressively for your rights.

Our criminal defense attorney is available 24/7 through call or text, which means you can count on him during an emergency. To request your consultation with our Grand Rapids defense attorney, call Jerry Lykins Law at (616) 540-0443.

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