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Jerry helped me out with a few cases. And I can honestly say he was there to save day! He’s kindhearted and really will look into your case and give you the best options on what to do next. He wants the best for you. He puts himself in your shoes and goes from there. You can’t beat this type of good loyal business. I wish everyone could be a little bit like Jerry! – Tyrese B.

I’ve known Jerry professionally for years as I am a therapist in town. Jerry is professionally competent and genuinely cares for the clients he’s representing. He is quick to return calls and communicates well regarding ongoing needs for his clients. The men I’ve worked with often feel shame about being in the criminal justice system. Jerry approaches the process with a great deal of care and compassion, putting the client more at ease. – Al H.

I greatly appreciated Mr. Lykins’ professionalism and compassion in dealing with my case. I’d never had to deal with the court before and although it was a minor traffic offense, he worked quickly and diligently to ensure that the process was as painless as possible and negotiated it out of my record and the points off of my license. At first I did not think that I would need to retain an attorney, but after everything was said and done, I was very thankful that I had chosen to work with Jerry Lykins. He was knowledgeable about the process and put me at ease right away. He saved me from unnecessary fines and a lot of stress. – Cara Z.

Jerry was my attorney on multiple occasions and was extraordinarily knowledgeable and had great communication throughout the process. He would always go the extra mile regardless of how busy he was which was very comforting. He will show up to every meeting highly prepared. If you are in search for a great attorney he is what you are looking for. – Dan C.

Jerry is a great attorney and one of the best. I would highly recommend his expertise in law. When I got into a car accident I didn’t know what to do or think. When I found Jerry he assured me he would get the best for me and kept me informed the whole time of my case. He’s caring toward his clients and their feelings. If I ever were to have any trouble again he will be the guy I call. Great attorney, great person and great lawyer. I don’t know where I would be today without him. Thanks again Jerry for all your help. Greatly appreciated. – Monty P.

A few years back I got myself into some legal troubles. I found Jerry Lykins and hired him to help me resolve my issues. I was so impressed by him. Not only as my counsel but as a man. He took the time not only to give me a a great outcome on my case, he also took the time to see me as a person and not just a client. His personal approach is part of what helped me turn around my life. He is an excellent attorney and an even better man. I have recommended him multiple times in the last 5 years and will continue to do so. If you find yourself in trouble with the law in West Michigan I highly recommend you contact Jerry. – Dannie H.

As an attorney I frequently have clients ask me to refer them to a criminal defense attorney and Jerry Lykins is the attorney I recommend. Jerry is a highly skilled trial attorney with a great reputation in our legal community. Jerry always provides outstanding representation to the folks I refer to him and with Jerry’s experience, expertise and work ethic, I always know that they are in great hands. – Sean C.

Mr. Lykins helped me with sensitive legal advise, in a very candid, simple way that I could understand. Dealing with the legal system is stressful, and it was a great deal of help to have an attorney who cares enough to put energy into open communication with his clients, quickly answering any questions we had, no matter what day it was. He was there for the entire legal process, beginning to end. I think its really important to have an attorney that you really trust to have your best interest at important times like these where your reputation, money, and possibly freedom are on the line. Thanks to him, the sentence was greatly reduced, and things were all handled in a timely manner. Thank you!!! – Linz