What a MIP Charge Means for a Teenager

What a MIP Charge Means for a Teenager

What a MIP Charge Means for a Teenager 600 450 Criminal Defense Attorney | Defense Attorney Grand Rapids, MI | Jerry Lykins Law

MIP Defense Lawyer Grand Rapids, MITeenagers don’t always make the best choices. Learning right from wrong is just part of growing up. Unfortunately, some of these poor choices can come with hefty consequences.

When dealing with alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, many teenagers are unaware of the impact their actions may have on their futures.

If you or a loved one have recently been charged with a Minor In Possession (MIP) or open container offense, you might be curious about the impact it could have. Some of the punishments are more severe than others, but being well informed of the consequences of a MIP offense may help deter teenagers from potentially incriminating situations.

MIPs and Teenagers

The criminal defense lawyers at Lykins Law have put together the following quick reference guide on what you may encounter with a Minor in Possession or open container offense.

Effects on Education

If the drugs or alcohol were found on school property, then your teenager may face administrative consequences from the school in addition to the legal consequences. High schools and colleges typically have their own sets of drug and alcohol policies, and breaking these rules could potentially lead to suspension, probation, or even expulsion from that school. These punishments vary from school to school depending on how strict the administration is on their substance abuse policies.

Obstacles to Employment

Teenagers may be faced with trouble when finding or maintaining employment after receiving a MIP or open container offense on their record. If they are looking for temporary or part time work, these teenagers may have to explain their offense on a job application or during a job interview, and it may even play a factor on whether or not the individual gets the job or not. While expungement might be an option depending on the offense, that process takes time and not every teenager will be eligible, especially not right away. That means your teenager could be looking at years of employment difficulty before they can have their record amended.

Driver’s License Penalties

For teenagers, being able to drive back and forth to school and work is a big deal because most of the time, they cannot afford to miss class or skip a shift at work. However, receiving a MIP or open container offense may lead to driver’s license sanctions like being able to drive only during certain hours, limited destinations they are allowed to drive, or even short-term license suspension.

Other Consequences

Each Minor In Possession or open container offense is going to differ based on the individual’s criminal history, the substance abuse policies in that city or region, and even the age of the teenager.

However, our criminal defense attorneys know that some of the more common punishments include:

  • Community service
  • Mandatory drug or alcohol classes
  • Large fines based on the court details
  • Time in jail or a juvenile detention facility

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