What Is the Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Possession?

What Is the Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Possession?

What Is the Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Possession? 600 450 Criminal Defense Attorney | Defense Attorney Grand Rapids, MI | Jerry Lykins Law

Grand Rapids, MI Attorney Drug CrimesDrug trafficking and drug possession are two very serious charges involving illegal substances. However, there’s a big difference between the two. Many clients tend to get confused about the different drug charges and their levels of severity. Our Grand Rapids drug crime lawyers are always here to answer questions about the various drug charges and the penalties they carry. Here’s what you need to know about drug possession and drug trafficking.

Drug Trafficking Vs. Possession

Intent Matters

There is a big difference between simple drug possessionand drug trafficking. Drug trafficking means your intent was to sell or distribute controlled substances across state or national lines. Drug trafficking is different from drug possession with intent because it means you are part of a criminal organization that’s smuggling drugs over borders. The prosecution can prove drug trafficking if you were carrying a large amount of drugs during the time of your arrest or they find other evidence of drug trafficking such as witness testimony, business cards, bags, or scales.

Drug possession just means that illegal drugs were found on your person, in your car, or anywhere where you had reasonable access. Drug possession could also mean that you were caught using drugs during the time of your arrest. A drug crimes attorney will aggressively defend your rights so you can receive the best outcome at trial.

Prison Time

A drug possession convictiontypically carries a sentence of a year or more, depending on the substance and amount found. Since drug trafficking is a more serious crime, you could spend up to several years in prison. To ensure the best outcome for your drug trial, you’ll want to hire a criminal defense attorney experienced in defending clients charged with drug crimes.

Criminal Record

A drug trafficking conviction is a felony that goes on your permanent criminal record. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, keep in mind that more and more people are using criminal background checks as a way of screening people. For example, an employer may run a background check to screen applicants before calling back people for interviews. This can make getting a job difficult after getting out of prison. You may also have difficulty finding housing or securing loans. Possession of narcotics is also considered a felony, which carries the same consequences.

Who do I hire to represent me?

As soon as you are charged with a drug crime, you’ll need to contact an experienced drug crime attorney to represent your case. They will aggressively defend your rights so you can avoid jail time or reduce your sentence. Since a drug crime conviction has a significant impact on your life, you’ll want to make sure you hire someone with the necessary experience.

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