5 Reasons People Fail Probation

5 Reasons People Fail Probation

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Probation Attorney Grand Rapids MIFailing or not showing up for drug or alcohol tests – most probation terms have requirements that mandate no use of alcohol or illegal use of controlled substances such as marijuana.

While most people know this they find themselves taking risks thinking they will not be caught by their probation officer. Please contact our Grand Rapids law office with any questions.

Please remember this is the number 1 reason people get terminated from probation. Know that probation can test for alcohol use up to 80 hours in your urine from your last use. This is known as ETG & ETS testing.

Reasons People Fail Probation

Not showing up for probation meetings – Yes people do this. Be smart and buy a calendar and leave it on your refrigerator.

Not completing counseling – Many probation terms require counseling to address the reason for your conviction. Get it done and in a timely fashion.

Failing to complete Community Service or Work Crew – Most judges use CS or WC as an alternative to jail. Do not just push this off. Judges usually jail people who fail to complete this requirement.

New arrests – We are not talking about speeding tickets but new criminal cases. Be smart, avoid situations that could lead to police contact and a possible new arrest. Probation is meant to give people a chance to prove themselves to the judge. Do not take it lightly. If you do what you need to do most probation officers will release you months early.

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